We innovate for your excellence

Innovex is Tīra’s innovation hub. With a focus on harnessing technology and knowhow to solve complex problems for our clients, we turn ‘too hard’ problems into ‘can do’ solutions.

Our Vision

To innovate the Established.

Our vision is to ‘innovate the established’ for Tīra and its customers. We operate in a very traditional industry, so we created innovex to challenge the established ways of doing things and find ground breaking new ways.

For example, stainless steel tanks have traditionally been tier-built onsite, a process that is complex and costly. innovex has revolutionised this with our state-of-the-art spiral-welding technology, which enables us to quickly and efficiently build tanks both onsite and in a production environment.

Today, this onsite spiral-welding technology is deployed across New Zealand and Australia, and we’re continuously developing this technology to meet the challenges of today’s fabrication industry. That’s just the beginning: watch this space for more developments in technology.


“From silos to rockets”

If it “brings steel to life” then it is in our innovation scope.

Case Studies

Onsite spiral welding - bringing steel to life and water to the world.

The Brief

Having listened to our customers, we saw that there was a growing demand for water treatment infrastructure, and that they were looking for solutions that could offer extended life, low carbon footprint and low pathogenic solutions.

The Issue

Stainless steel tanks tick all these boxes, but the fabrication of large, welded stainless steel tanks on site is traditionally problematic and costly. A more cost-effective, transportable option was needed.

The Solution

The innovex team responded with a concept for a spiral-welding machine that could be easily assembled, disassembled and transported to site. Once on site, the machine could spiral weld a stainless-steel tank on the tank foundations without the need for transporting large sections or on site cranes. Our team then set about designing, testing, building and commissioning the machine. In February 2021, Tīra took the machine to the Auckland Watercare site and successfully built a 500m3 water tank.

Today, the onsite spiral-welding machine is deployed across New Zealand and Australia, manufacturing large welded stainless steel tanks for our customers – quickly, efficiently and innovatively.